Slot Overview: The Knight King

Kings, you have to give them credit: they are full of confidence. At least a few of them do. Probably because they are surrounded with ‘your majesty’ and bowing from the minute they are born. As Alfonso X, King of Castile, once reportedly put it, “Had I been present at the Creation, I would have given some useful hints for the better ordering of the universe.” It would be fascinating to learn the nature of such signals. That’s why we’ll be playing The Knight King, a slot machine from Pragmatic Play, today. It contains features like Special Money symbols and free spins, but The Knight King could have used some more regal inspiration when it was made.

Prepare to be carried away by the gorgeous setting The Knight King delivers if you’re the type that enjoys dense forests, towering mountains, and castles plunging from the edge of cliffs straight into the clouds. The German castle of Neuschwanstein provides a useful real-world analogy, as it too is located high over a forest. King Ludwig I of Bavaria (for whom the castle was built) earned the moniker “Fairy Tale King,” and it just takes one look at this stunningly magnificent Bavarian Schloss to see why. When playing The Knight King, you’ll be immersed in a world reminiscent of a fairy tale, which sets a subtle tone.

The Knight King is mobile-friendly, with betting options between 20 pence and £/€100. Although there is no Ante Bet in this game, players who meet specific requirements can purchase free spins, which result in a return to player percentage of 95.97% rather than the 96.05% obtained by ordinary wagering. The game grid is quite risky, with 5 reels, 3 rows, and 20 paylines (which, like the theme, is fairly conventional).

Three or more identical symbols, beginning on the leftmost reel and continuing into the next, neighboring reels, constitute a winning combination. The tens, jacks, queens, kings, and aces make up the low payouts, while the horse, lady, man, and dragon make up the high payouts. Five low-pay symbols can award 1x to 2.5x the wager, while five premium symbols can award 3.5x to 7.5x the wager. The wild symbol, shown by another horse, appears on all five reels. If you get five wilds in a row, you’ll get paid 300 times your wager, and you may use them to replace any other symbol in the game.

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This is easy to notice because The Knight King has few distinguishing characteristics. The sign for “Special Money” is one of them. A wild symbol or one of the other possible pay symbols might be chosen at random during any base game spin. All visible occurrences of these Special Money symbols thereafter pay out anywhere from half to twenty times the wager.

Bonus Turns

If you get a scatter on reels 1, 3, and 5, you’ll win 3 times your wager and 7 extra spins. If you manage to get two scatters on reels 2 and 4 during the bonus round, you’ll be awarded four extra free spins. Now, before the free spins begin, a Special Money sign is chosen at random from the pay symbols or the wild and remains thus for the remainder of the round. Additionally, the value of the selected symbol is randomly determined at the beginning of the feature, ranging from 1x the wager for pay symbols to 20x the bet for wilds. Special Money symbols continue to accrue their values and be distributed anytime they appear. The Special Money symbol’s value is increased by a random amount from the set whenever a collection takes place.

If the Buy Free Spins bonus is available in your region, and you’re eager to jump right into the action, you may purchase 80 times your bet’s worth of free spins by selecting the corresponding button.

Knight Wins in Slot Trial Decision

I’m not really buying this argument, to be honest. It seems like Pragmatic Play phoned in The Knight King. This is the kind of stuff the team could have finished blindfolded and sent out the door the day before the deadline. The Knight King felt like it was put together with minimal effort at best, and there was nothing particularly memorable about it. Despite having the typical Pragmatic Play sheen, the aesthetics are awful at best, and the functionalities are completely unremarkable. All you have to do to win is get bonus money icons onto the reels in this game. While accumulating money symbol rewards isn’t the worst thing in the world, it’s also not the most fascinating notion the studio has ever had.

It’s possible that The Knight King wouldn’t have appeared so lacking in scorching creative concept if additional side features had accompanied the Special Money symbols notion. All right, throughout the bonus spins, one symbol will be chosen to serve as the Special Money symbol. If money were all that mattered while spinning the reels of an online slot machine, The Knight King might sprinkle a couple of these carefully selected Special Money symbols here and there to produce hits. The Knight King will come storming at you with winnings of up to 5,000 times your wager when he is at full vigor. A respectable sum, but one that seemed quite improbable in light of how the trials had gone.

Players who enjoy stories about noble knights, beautiful princesses, villains clad in plate armor, full moons, and dragons may enjoy The Knight King. Or those that want less complex game mechanics. If the game doesn’t seem to put out much effort, it may be difficult to get invested in it.